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Posted 10.0 months ago @ 2:02PM

Varsity Boys Soccer Team Character Commended

TOPS Soccer Coach (Castro Valley Soccer Club Special Needs Program) sent a special “thank you” for the support, encouragement, and willingness to play a pick-up scrimmage against their team last Saturday.  Coach Barry Gardin sent the following letter.  We are so proud of our Varsity boys team and the way they represent Redwood Christian Schools and the athletic programs, and honored by Coach Barry’s recognition of their commendable character.

“Good Afternoon,

My name is Barry Gardin. I’m the TOPSoccer coach for the Castro Valley Soccer Club.  TOPSoccer is the soccer program for children and adults with special needs. This past Saturday morning, a group of your varsity soccer players were conducting an informal work out at Stonebrae Elementary school, which is where we play our games.  Our younger, more impacted group is not able to play formal matches, however, our older, higher functioning group likes to scrimmage.  Our older group has a small number of players, therefore, we’re not always able to scrimmage.  I asked your young men if they wouldn’t mind working out with our players, and to the excitement of our players, they all agreed.  Your team was really supportive, encouraging, helpful, and provided one of the most enjoyable soccer experiences that our players have ever had.  It’s uncommon for the typically developing population to interact so freely with people that have special needs, and (RCS Varsity team)’s kindness, support, and encouragement really meant a lot to our group. Soccer is a beautiful game that can be experienced by everyone regardless of their ability. – Coach Barry, CVSC TOPSoccer

I would be remiss if I didn’t send a note to you and their coaches letting you know how much their kindness last Saturday was appreciated.  Thank them again!


Coach Barry


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